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Not another Photo Site!!!

Everyone wants their own web site nowadays. Some to showcase their work, some to advertise their business, some just to be heard by the world.

My reasons for starting this site are all of the above and more. I would like it to not only propagate my photographic techniques through hints and tips, but also to provide a philosophical outlook on why we take images, what is behind them and why are some people simply compelled to live life with a camera in their hands.

Your own thoughts and feedback are highly valued as I don't intend this to be my own 'soapbox' but as a learning tool for myself to understand the remarkable world of imaging and 'imagers'.

What makes YOU take photos?

What attracted you to photography in the first place?

Are you interested in honest feedback of your images or are you content enough that you like them?

My first tip of the week is to ALWAYS carry a camera. Not possible you say? With today's mobile phones sporting built in cameras there's not many people who don't have access to some form of imaging device throughout the day.

Yes, I would rather shoot with a DSLR but ANY camera will improve your photo skills, particularly the ability to 'see' a photo. Like any skill what we all need is practice, practice, practice and shooting just on the odd occasion or on weekends is just not enough 'camera time' to hone our skills. So get those cameras clicking on a daily basis and you will be amazed at how differently you see the world in just a couple of weeks.



I was given my first camera when I was about 11 years of age. It was pure plastic with 3 focus settings and shot 35mm film.

My first film taught me lesson one, take off the lens cap! I only got about 6 photos.

Photography stayed as a distant hobby throughout most of my life with me concentrating on the usual family photos, babies, outings and the odd scene or two.

Then I had the chance to get into the industry and my imaging went to a whole new level.

I worked as a professional photographer for 10 years which included, wedding, portrait and product photography and then got into the retail side of the industry with my wife, Maureen. We  have been the owners of a camera store for nearly 20 years. The last ten years we have been a part of the 'Camera House' franchise in Australia and we have never looked back.

Our store is 'Katoomba Camera House' up in the beautiful Blue Mountains west of Sydney, Australia.

I have been teaching photography for the last 11 years, first based on film and now 100% digital. teaching has proved to be a real thrill for me and I hope this site will be an extension of that side of my photography.

I have listed my current equipment on a separate page (In the bag) but I hesitate to talk too much about the hardware. The camera doesn't take photos, YOU do. ANY reasonable quality camera will give a great image in the hands of a skilled photographer.

So, I'm now in my mid 50's and self taught (no degrees or letters after my name) so judge me by my images (for good or bad).

There is a link to my Flickr gallery and I suggest you consider joining this great site to showcase your own images. It's free and easy to use and can be a great inspiration to get out there and take photos.